Meet Elena, Eyebrow Specialist

Meet Elena

"I love to help people feel better about themselves by improving the way they look while treating them warmly and professionally."

— Elena Vyunskovskaya

Recognized for her exquisite eye for detail, Elena takes enormous pride in her work and has pioneered the technique she currently uses. She has been shaping perfect eyebrows in the Boston MA area for over eleven years. Elena’s certification as a Class 1 Esthetician allows her to use her skills like an artist at work on a new sculpture. In fact, she considers her profession as much an art as a science!

"A perfect brow should result from an extensive examination of one’s facial features, hair line, skin tone, and most importantly—the natural asymmetry of the human face. I sculpt the brows to minimize or eliminate this asymmetry, and give the face a more youthful appearance."

— Elena Vyunskovskaya
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